Das Diabetiker-Armband und Zubehör für Nutzer der Blutzuckersensoren Freestyle Libre und Medtronic Enlite

The bracelet and accessories for users of blood glucose sensors Freestyle Libre and Medtronic Enlite

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"Mask Libre & Enlite, not your freedom!"

The bracelet and accessories for diabetics with blood glucose sensors

Hides and protects your Freestyle Libre and Medtronic Enlite Sensor


Many diabetics use a modern blood glucose sensor (Freestyle Libre or Medtronic Enlite) to obtain better quality of life. The disadvantage is that the unprotected sensor can peel off unintentionally in everyday life. This is unpleasant and it usually requires a new sensor for reinsertion to the skin.   
We have the perfect solution to this problem: MaskaLibre - a durable and reusable wristband that perfectly protects and covers blood glucose sensor.

MaskaLibre is due to its high percentage of cotton very pleasant to the skin, stretchable and washable. It covers and protects the sensor in any circumstances, so you can enjoy life more carefree.
Especially for children and young people, whether playing in the garden, on the playground, playing sports, at an event or in nature, MaskaLibre protects the sensor of your child in many different situations.


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MaskaLibre - Every day a great feeling

Sensor tattered ?

Order today your MaskaLibre! So you don't ever need to worry about accidental detachment of the sensor.

(Available in pink, green, blue, white and black in 2 sizes each.)


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Maskalibre - Das Diabetiker Armband für Blutzuckersensoren.

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