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Das Armband und Zubehör für Nutzer der Blutzuckersensoren Freestyle Libre und Medtronic Enlite

The bracelet and accessories for users of blood glucose sensors Freestyle Libre and Medtronic Enlite

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That's what our customers say about MaskaLibre

Maskalibre beim Sport

I've been wearing the FreeStyle Libre sensor for only half a year. The first time I pulled him down either when dressing or during sports because he was absolutely not protected. But since I wear the MaskaLibre and thus protect the sensor, the sensor keeps the desired 14 days on the arm. Whether at work or at Taekwondo training or in the gym, the band does not laced, does not slip and keeps it as it should! I think it's great and can only recommend it!


Jiri Hlusek

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Maskalibre schwarz1

Since I can not tap the sensor due to an allergy, this is the band
for me a huge relief. I already have many ribbons
tried, but no one has me as enthusiastic as this. Super
Comfort, nothing constricts, no slipping and no
roll in like many others. For me, really the best solution ever.

Ruth Fischer


I tried different sensors and Freestyle Libre is my choice. The problem is the small adhesive surface and the associated detachment of the sensor. MaskaLibre solves this problem, it is also comfortable to wear and looks good.


Lucie Maxianova

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My test results:

For testing, I got my measurements of the
Oberarms sent each had 2 white and 2 black ribbons. The look is like sweatbands, which of course does not fit every outfit in everyday life. The tapes were packed in plastic bags, but had almost no odor, which is why I opted for direct wearing without first washing. To only fix the Libre (especially during sports) they are very well suited. Even when swimming, they had a good grip. Also, the chlorine water and the subsequent laundry has so far caused no damage to the material.

My conclusion: For everyday use it is only due to the thick material
conditionally suitable, but for sports and swimming, the bands are really good. The quality makes a solid impression and the wearing comfort on the skin is pleasant.


Susanne D. 

I think the bracelet really great.
Whether at work, at leisure or simply in everyday life it is always
Convenient and protects the sensor in almost any situation.
I would not give it up anymore.
I can only recommend it to anyone.


Felix Kuchler


"I really like MaskaLibre"

Here you can tell us about your experiences with MaskaLibre. Just send us your photo with MaskaLibre bracelet and commentary at and we will gladly publish it.

We look forward to your comments and reviews :-)


MaskaLibre Radek Hlusek


I have been looking for an alternative to the rubber band holder of the Libre and I am thrilled.
I now own the Maska Libre a good month and I am quite
The product was used for downhill mountain biking
Sports in general and at work.
When biking, I once demolished a sensor and had to tap off from there thick ... With the Maskalibre falls away because the good and solid embroidery of the libre nicely nestled to the body and not with every touch tends to fall off.
At work I wear the MaskaLibre constantly and do not need taping anymore .... Sure you need a few minutes until you forget it but after 5 minutes you do not notice it anymore.
I think the product is quite successful and will continue to use it.
Beautiful would be more colors when it runs really well :-)


Steven Brunke 

I occasionally use the Libre Sensor to control my sugar balance. When wearing the sensor, the Maskalibre tape is the right choice for me, it sits perfectly on the arm and does not pinch, covering and protecting the sensor. Can I only colors when it runs really well :-)


Simone from Chemnitz

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